Vulcanized Frame
Vulcanized Corner Joints / Gasket Frames

Vulcanized EPDM Corner Jointed Gaskets and Vulcanized Picture Frame Gaskets offer excellent corner Sealing against water and dust seepage and provide good thermal insulation for cost saving on air conditioning. The corner is the weakest point in the Aluminium System as all Sections are cut and matched to obtain desired angle. The joint is thus prone to allow water seepage due to gap between joint profiles. The vulcanized corner jointed EPDM Rubber gaskets provide perfect Sealing to such joints and avoid needs to fill sealant. Thus a clean performing joint is achieved.

The modern method of producing complex profiles with corner joints involves:
1. Production of accurate profiles in a continuous vulcanizing line.
2. Moulding of corners and joining of profile ends to make a complete gasket frame by Transfer Moulding techniques.
In this process the desired profile is Extruded, Cured and before Moulding of corners is cut to controlled length using a cutting gauge.

In the Transfer Moulding process the profile geometry is matched to the moulded corner/end requirements. Rubber compound is injected under pressure into the mould cavity and allowed to vulcanize, obtaining the shape of the mould and cross-linking the profile edges to the moulded jointed area. Thus a continuous and homogeneous gasket is formed.

General Physical Properties
Properties Specifications Test Method
Tensile Strength 10.50 MPA Min BS 903; Part A2
Elongation Break 200 % Min BS 903; Part A2
Hardness Shore Aº 55 – 65 BS 903; Part A26
Compression Set 25 % Max BS 903; Part A6
Accelerated Aging
Decrease in Tensile Strength
Decrease in Elongation

15 %
20 %

BS 903; Part A2
BS 903; Part A2
Ozone Resistance 100 PPM 96 Hrs 20% Stretch 40° C No cracks when seen at 10X magnification BS 903; Part A43
(Specimen A)
Joint Strength To Withstand 100% Elongation and 180° Rotation without any visible sign of separation ASTM C 443M

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