Structural Glazing Tape
IRC Structural Glazing Tapes
What is Structural Glazing Tape?

Structural silicone systems for glazing and cladding require compatible spacers to achieve reliable performance of the silicone adhesives. Structural Glazing Tapes is the most widely used spacers for structural silicone systems. They are also known as spacer tapes, which are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate typical silicone joint designs. And, in addition to holding the glass or cladding at a predetermined distance from the substrate for proper silicone joint design, they also offer a number of other benefits, including compatibility with other silicone sealants, a special adhesive surface, curing of sealants, a special formulation and thermal resistance.

Many brands are available in market but International Rubber Company deals with well known brand in the market which are Norton by (Saint- Gobain) & Vito from Germany, as they are well known by the façade industry.

Application of Structural Glazing Tapes

Spacer tapes are for use as spacers only. Their adhesive properties cannot be used as part of the permanent fastening system or in any way to reduce the amount of silicone adhesive recommended by the silicone manufacturer. All mounting surfaces should be flat, without ribs or serrations. In order to develop temporary adhesion, surfaces should be dry, free from dirt, dust or contaminants. Wiping the bonding surfaces with a cleaning solution such as alcohol, followed by a dry wipe with a clean cloth is generally sufficient.

For four-sided on-site glazing or cladding, the use of supplemental fasteners to hold the panels in place is necessary until the silicone has cured in accordance with recommendations of silicone manufacturer. (Supplemental fasteners may not be required when installing lightweight veneer systems as described below or two-sided glazing).

Once Spacer Tape is applied, they cannot be removed or reused; therefore, position sections carefully. Consideration should be given to the visual impact of the tape when viewed through a clear, single lite glass. Aesthetics can be improved by using a single side adhesive spacer tape with mechanical fasteners.