Silicone Sealants
IRC Silicone Sealants

Since 2004, International Rubber Company (IRC) is the authorized distributor of silicone sealants for Momentive Performance Materials (formerly GE Bayer Silicones) in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kenya and Tanzania.

IRC being Momentive's Authorized distributor,  provides high quality services with the cooperation of MPM's technical engineers having their offices and laboratory located in Jebel Ali, Dubai. The team reviews drawings and meticulously prepares substrate test to guarantee the best performance, superior quality and efficiency of the sealants.

Subsequently, IRC strives to ensure its long established business relationship with our clients. In addition, IRC deals with the biggest façade fabricators in the region.  The Company was able to obtain approvals and supplied sealants for immense prestigious projects both in UAE and Qatar.

Pioneered by GE. Refined by GE.

With a history of dedication to innovation and excellence, today's family of GE sealant products address a wide variety of the ever-inventive, increasingly demanding architecture found around the world. Outstanding durability, flexibility, and movement capability are fundamental to the high performance of GE sealants. With decades of experience, in new and remedial applications, on some of the world's most innovative structures, the sealants team provides knowledge and comprehensive support to help ensure a project is successful.


GE structural glazing silicone sealants are rooted in a history of excellent performance

Wide range of weatherproofing applications for outstanding weather resistance

Used as a secondary seal in the manufacture of a broad spectrum of insulating glass

Silicone sealant for a range of smoke and fire control applications

An adhesion-promoter for surfaces to which sealant is difficult to bond