Setting Blocks
EPDM Hard Rubber Profile / Setting Blocks for Aluminium Architectural Application

Material: Elastomer EPDM Synthetic Rubber
Function: Setting Blocks and Hard Profiles

International Rubber Co. has developed special compound for Hard EPDM Rubber Profiles and Setting Blocks to suit all major Aluminium systems used in Middle East Region. With in-house Tool Room and R & D facilities, the response time to new Developments is very short.

General Physical Properties
Properties Specifications Test Method
Hardness (Shore A) 90±5 ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 12.4 Min ASTM D412
Elongation Break % 150 Min ASTM D412
Hardness Change After Heat Aging 0 to +10 Max ASTM D573
Elongation Change % After Heat Aging 40 Max ASTM D573
Compression Set - 22 Hours at 70° C 40% Max ASTM D395
Ozone Resistance 20% Stretch 40° C 100 PPM 96 Hrs No cracks ASTM D1149

Download Setting Blocks Data Sheet