Pipe Seals
IRC Pipe Seals

Our portfolio of pipe seal solutions includes systems for GRP, concrete, plastic, ductile iron and clay pipes.

We design and produce seals used in pipes, fittings, manholes and connectors. Our seal are developed in close association with pipe manufacturers and specifies to allow the construction of pipelines to meet or exceed relevant standards.


IRC produces over 300 different pipe seals using number of different compounds, such as EPDM, NBR, SBR, CR and Natural Rubber etc., all of which meet specifications related to shape and material.

IRC provides a durable cost effective solution to sound jointing, whatever the application. Sophisticated and flexible techniques ensure optimum cost and consistent quality in both small and large volumes.

  1. 1. Molded rings are manufactured in diameters ranging from 20-700 mm without joints on fully automatic CNC compression and injection molding machines.

  2. 2. Seals for pipes and fittings of large diameter with no size restrictions are manufactured by continuous extrusion and hot splicing vulcanization method.

IRC is the only company in Middle East region who has fully automatic CNC film splicing jointing machines which give perfect joint . IRC pipe seals are the preferred choice of leading pipe manufacturers in the Middle East, and various countries all over the world.


The pipe seals are manufactured to various international specifications such as BS: 2494, DIN: 4060, BS EN-681, ASTM F 477, etc.

Pipe Seals Products
GRP Pipe Seals

We manufacture the complete range of Reka type sealing gaskets from sizes 100 mm to 4000 mm pipe diameters. All our GRP gaskets meet the requirements and tolerances set by BS EN 681-1:1996 type WA and WC in addition to purchase acceptance standards set by customers. Availability of multiple moulds and IRC's flexible manufacturing process translate into very quick and efficient supplies for our customers, whether for small or big volume production runs.

Concrete Pipe Seals

IRC has long been a preferred supplier to the concrete pipe industry and for Micro tunneling and jacking pipe applications. Our range of rubber gaskets for concrete pipes cover most cross section sizes/profiles and pipe diameters up to DN 3500 mm.

Plastic Pipe Seals

Plastic pipes have a wide range of applications including gas, water, sewer systems, building, land drainage, cable ducting and irrigation. IRC's range of plastic pipe seals offers solutions from the smallest to large diameters for both pressure and non-pressure applications. We also make seals to customers' specific requirements & specifications.

Clay Pipe Seals

IRC's product range for clay pipe seals comprises of seals for jointing systems from sizes 100mm to 600mm and the entire range of adaptor coupling seals.

Quality Assurance

The excellent reputation of IRC product range is based on the high priority attached to quality control and assurance.
IRC has its own well-equipped laboratory including modern state-of-the art equipment included Rheometer, profile projector etc., to test a wide range of mechanical, environmental and other properties.

All incoming raw materials are tested, checked and approved prior to use. Finished products are continuously tested on the shop floor before undergoing a quality inspection which includes visual and physical testing for dimensions, physical properties and product appearance. Where appropriate, Quality Assurance procedures can be tailored to meet individual customer requirement.

Our well equipped laboratory is fully capable of carrying out control tests such as aged and unaged hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, compression set, tension set dimensional accuracy, electrical resistance, ash content, etc., in accordance with procedures as per standards such as BS EN 681-1, ASTM F 477, DIN 4060 etc.

Pipe Seals Design & Development of New Pipe seals

IRC has a very good team of highly qualified and experienced persons with more than 20 years of experience in the field with very reputed multinational companies. IRC offers the complete solutions including designing, developing, testing and installation.

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