EPDM Profiles
EPDM Profiles for Aluminium Facades and Structural Facades

Majority of EPDM rubber is extruded in solid and sponge profiles which are being used in Aluminium Facade projects and Structural Facades. EPDM being an excellent ozone resistant, anti aging characteristics, highly elastic, having good compression set and good thermal insulating properties which has proven to be in effective sealing against water, wind and dust. EPDM profiles forms a sealing between glass and Aluminium sections.

EPDM Material and its properties

EPDM denoted as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber. The molecule of Ethylene and Propylene forms a chain of chemically saturated hydrocarbons. EPDM rubbers are valuable for their excellent resistance to heat, oxidation, ozone and weather aging due to their stable saturated polymer backbone structure. EPDM is better resistant to mineral oil compare to NR, SBR and BR. These elastomers have the lowest specific gravity (0.86gm/Cm3) of all commercially available rubber. Heat aging resistance up to 130°c can be obtained properly. Selected sulphur accelerated system and heat resistance up to 160°c can be obtained with peroxide compounds. Compression set is good particularly at high temperatures. They can press cured, extruded or calendared and the vulcanizates show good physical properties (stress-strain behaviour, Compression set resistance. They have an excellent resistance to moisture and steam. EPDM excellent properties enable them to be used widely in various applications.


EPDM profiles are produces in various shapes designs depending upon the aluminium frame designs and sealing condition requirement. These are mainly in black colours and rarely used in natural colours as per specific requirement. Since it is excellent in weather resistance, it makes it most suitable to be used for aesthetically good appearance. It provides excellence sealing against wind, dust, water and from fire. This creates a thermal bridge between glass and aluminium frame.

Machineries and Quality Standards

The high quality EPDM rubber profiles are extruded using the best extruders available in the rubber industry. The compound master batches are procured from reputed compound suppliers from UK and Korea. The end product quality is ensured through stringent compound testing and physical properties of compound are validated through in house validation using various international standards ASTM-2240, BS-903, DIN-7863 etc upon customer demands.

Warranty and Technical Services

IRC ensures its product warranty for at least 10 years and always stands to provide technical and design inputs on continuous development in customer design innovations. The beauty of IRC is that it has highly qualified professionals in its field who are dedicated in developing and producing any intricate design in a shortest lead time.


EPDM extruded solid and sponge profiles have wide range of applications. They are used in Aluminium frames, building industry, automotive and containers. EPDM profiles are installed easily using silicone emulsion during installation.

Download EPDM Rubber Profile Data Sheet

Download EPDM Sponge Profile Data Sheet