Container Seals

Container Seal Profiles
Majority of Container seals are manufactured using EPDM rubber. Container seals provide complete protection to the goods packed inside the container from dust, moisture and water. These are used for refrigerated as well as non refrigerated containers. Since EPDM is an excellent ozone resistant, anti aging characteristics and highly elastic in nature therefore it can be trusted for long time usage.

IRC container seals are manufactured using high quality EPDM rubber known for its superior quality and excellent features. Container seals are produced in various shapes and sizes to customer satisfaction. They are excellent resistant to heat, steam, cracking and corrosion.

1. Container seal for refrigerated containers
2. Container seal for non refrigerated containers
IRC has qualified technical personal that ensures the development of the container seals in a shortest lead time which conform to the various international standards e.g. ASTM, BS, DIN etc. IRC is capable in testing most of the physical property test that is required in validation of container seals produce in house.

Machineries and Quality Standards
Properties Specifications Test Method
Tensile Strength (MPa) Range 7 to 24 ASTM D - 412
Hardness (Shore A) ± 5 Range 40-80 as per customers request ASTM D - 2240
Elongation Break % (Min.) 200% ASTM D - 412
Rebound Good ASTM D - 2000
Low Temperature working Up to –40° C ASTM D - 2137
Maximum Working Temperature 140° C  
Resistance to weathering
Sunlight (U.V.)
Resistance to Ozone (resistance to cracking)
Heat resistance
Resistance to Swelling in water

Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
ASTM D - 1149
ASTM D - 471

Download EPDM Rubber Container Seals Data Sheet