Automotive Seals
Automative Seals by IRC

International Rubber Company also deals with automobile industry, such as car door seals which are co – extruded & comes with Steel embedded. IRC also provides with any size depending on customer requirement.

Product Application

These kinds of gaskets are used for weather sealing, Sound proofing, & Antifriction glass movement for window.

IRC also provides complete solution for car type seals as you can see that Door Mounted Weather Seal used in car door for sound proofing & weather sealing application.

Technical Data

Material: Elastomer EPDM Synthetic Rubber
Function: Holding of glass and body sheet metal, excellent sealing against dust, water and wind. Thermal insulation, shock absorber, good aesthetic appearance.
Type: Wind screen wiper, Foot-rest mat, Windshield and door seal weather strip with or without moulded corner joints.

Download Automotive Rubber Accessories Data Sheet