Business Profile
Business Partner

IRC is distributor for famous and big companies and brands and making good business with these brands:

GE, Momentive

Since 2004, International Rubber Company (IRC) is the authorized distributor of silicone sealants for Momentive Performance Materials (formerly GE Bayer Silicones) in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kenya and Tanzania.

IRC being Momentive's Authorized distributor provides high quality services with the cooperation of MPM's technical engineers having their offices and laboratory located in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Subsequently, IRC strives to ensure its long established business relationship with clients. In addition, IRC deals with the biggest façade fabricators in the region. IRC was able to obtain approvals and supplied sealants for immense prestigious projects in both UAE and Qatar.


IRC is the distributor of Structural Glazing Tape from Saint Gobain - USA


IRC is the distributor of One side and Double side self adhesive products from VITO - Germany


IRC is has a wide range of products which make IRC main player of building materials business, IRC supplying materials to many industries like:

  1. Façades - Silicone Sealants, EPDM Profile, Silicone Profiles, Vulcanized frame, and Setting Block.
  2. Construction - Building Protection Systems, Speed Humps, Parking Blocks Wall, Protectors Corner Guard, Water Stop
  3. Switchgear - EPDM Sponge Profiles, Dense Profile
  4. Automotive - Refrigerator Container Seals, Door seal for Car
  5. Marine - Rubber Fenders
  6. Oil and Gas - Rubber Gasket
  7. Pipe Line Projects - EPDM Seals, Natural Rubber Seal.

IRC committed to high quality standard for that we are offering services, which assure products' quality and clients' satisfaction.

Services For Rubber products

Lab for testing Rubber
Design and developments new Gasket

For Silicone Sealant – GE
Sealant Selection
Project Review Service

This service provides professional technical assistance to aid you in the specification and selection of the proper sealant for your project.

  1. Specification Review
  2. Drawing Review
  3. Project Report
  4. Laboratory Testing:
    1. Project Substrates Testing
    2. Peel Adhesion Test
    3. Compatibility Test (UV Resistance)
    4. Stain Test
    5. Delamination Test
Extended Project Warranty

Momentive Performance Materials is able to offer extended project warranty for structural glazing and weather seal projects

Sales Network

IRC has very good, experience, and professional sales team. This team is covering all UAE, KSA, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. With offices located in Dubai, Riyadh, Damam, and Jeddah, with very wide network and close relationship to clients.